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What is the Haiti Experience?

Hi There! I'm Bryan Citrin and I'm about to take my 26th trip to Haiti in March. Because of civil unrest in the country mixed now with recent dangers of Covid-19, we have not been able to return to our village in Fond Doux for over a year until recently.

It's been physically impossible due to the rioting, road blocks, and flight cancelations due to health risks. Because of this, this is a crucial trip. We invite your investment the people of Fond Doux.

No, I'm not backed by some generous NGO, the United Nations, or even Sean Penn. Everyone on my team is responsible for raising our own resources to bring to help this village that is overlooked by the world. One of the reasons I started to help make an impact there. 

Millions have been donated to corrupt causes that never make it to the people. The people here didn't receive a penny of the millions funneled into this country by those organizations. The only way they're going to get help is when people like you and me come together and bring it to the people. 

The Haiti Experience is made up of my experiences going to this village for nearly 10 years though Haiti Village, a humanitarian relief effort that is supported by the student mentorship group Chi Alpha at UCLA. 

I work with the organization and it's an honor to see the impact we've been able to make over the years. This site exists to allow generous people like yourself to make a lasting difference with your hard earned money.

I'm leaving soon and am dedicated to raise additional resources to maximize our impact on this upcoming trip. Your generosity will mean a chance at life for some and will impact generations to come.

On a previous trip I made a video every single day offering daily encouragement and sharing what we were doing in the village. I filmed over 20 of these videos and will be releasing them later this year. If you contribute any amount before I leave I will make sure you get this FOR FREE. 

It's officially released and on the thank you page you will have the option to sign up for it.
In Past Trips We've:

Started A Library

Before a recent trip we had a meeting to discuss different initiatives we could do to really impact the village. Out of that meeting came the idea to start the first library ever for this village. Many Haitians don't own books or have the opportunity to learn to read. Even students in school still lack basic reading material.

Sent Kids to School

In Haiti school is not free. Our programs have enabled us to provide scholarships to grade schoolers, high schoolers, and even University students. We have even provided funding to a local school to pay for the teachers to keep the school running.

Hosted a Graduation

We had the honor of hosting the first ever graduation celebration in the village of Fond Doux. We had students graduate from both High school and College... All of which was made possible through the generous donations of people like you.

Provided Jobs to Locals

We understand if we are able to boost the local economy and provide local jobs it will help end poverty in this country. We don't just meet the immediate practical needs of hunger but invest in long term solutions. Economic development projects have ranged from motorcycle taxi businesses, animal breeding programs, to even launching a bakery!

Fed Tons of Hungry Children

It's not uncommon for kids in Haiti to only eat one meal a day (if that). Many evenings we are able to provide feeding programs to feed hungry children and youth.

Brought Food to Families in Need

It can be difficult for parents to provide for their family... Especially when it's a single mother taking care of five kids. We visit different families and literally bring them bags of rice and beans... the staple food of the island. In those moments they can experience some relief from the constant lingering hunger. This also enables them to feed extended family and friends as well.

Provided Clothes to Impoverished Families

Many times I hear a kid begging me for a pair of tennis shoes or shorts. We bring down loads of clothing to provide to families in the area. 

Provided Medical Assistance

People die all the time in Haiti from lack of basic medical assistance. We do what we can to meet basic medical needs as well as medical scholarships to send needy people to the local hospital. 

Encouraged the Multitude

When's the last time you heard an inspirational speaker and left discouraged? Probably never. People in Haiti don't get the opportunity to pull up Youtube and be inspired. We invite people from every background to come and hear our stories and offer encouragement to those in need with stories from the Bible. Many of us do not speak the language and speak through a translator. 

Much Much More

Whether it's Bingo night with the kids, to taking the children to the beach, or our soccer outreaches our days and nights are filled. It's exhausting work but it's worth it. 
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